Dear Friends,

We have to be willing to fall short, for a chance to even fall at all.

I’ve spent a lot of time away from home; with a bunch of the things I could of done. Could of been a doctor, could of fallen in love with a simple life, could of stayed closer to my family or even been a better friend or lover. But instead, I spent my adolescence, not in a classroom or cubical, but in the back of vans, airports, smoky bars and random couches around the world looking for answers I couldn’t get from the town I grew up in. I’m not going to lie, it’s a lonely life sometimes but my curiosity about people and how we can grow as a civilization forced me to pack my bags from my cushy suburban life and hit the road. Now 8 years later I’m finally seeing the light.

Some people believe that when you’re a traveler it’s nothing but sex, drugs and rock n roll (yes, those pass the time for the moment) but the real reason why we travel is that we want to feel alive. We want to feel that we’re not alone. There’s so much more out there than just that one town we grew up in. We can’t be afraid of the unknown or taking roads that few have taken. WHY NOT TAKE A RISK?! Because in all honesty, 3/4 of the bullshit we worry about doesn’t even exist in the first place. We listen to this crap on the news, radios, and TVs, just to scare us…what’s the point of that? Why have we become a society that spends most of our time in our heads and not actually doing what we truly want to do over this fake idea of fear? We have to realize that life begins where fear ends.

Yes I know, life is tough and it’s not really how we pictured it in our dreams. You’re going to be thrown down more then you’re going to be picked up. More people are going to say NO to you than YES. Your heart’s probably going to break a few times and life will move on like nothing happen. But through all of these ups and downs and hills and valleys, it’s then that we find who we are; it’s then that we start getting comfortable in our own skin.

As a species that has been on this earth for only a lickety-split amount of time… look at how much we have grown and overcome. We are a lot stronger than we think. Why should our generation throw away what our ancestors gave us over a little laziness or fear…If you want something, go get it. If you want to be a better person, be a better person…You control the future you want to see in this world and it’s never too late to ask yourself, “What will make me happy for the long haul?” You may not find it today, tomorrow, or the next day, but if you keep asking yourself that, then one day you will.

I think somewhere in the last 10 years we misplaced the guidelines to this idea of the “American Dream”. Instead of calling it a wrap and letting the baby boomers print it in our history books, let’s rebuild it first. We are such a clever generation that can really shake things up if we just get off our couch and make some noise. So wake up, take risks, and fall hard! Be the person you want to be now…not tomorrow. The time is now to create a new-age Renaissance.

So don’t wait to be discovered, discover yourself; and if you can’t get hired, fuck it, hire yourself. This life belongs to you, and you shouldn’t live your life like it matters what others think.

Let’s kick 2015’s ass together, friends.

– Andy

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