Dear Friends,

There’ll be a day when you’ll just want to throw the towel and quit. Give up whatever you were fighting for just to have a little more sleep, a little more security and a little more companionship. I know your tired, I know everybody around you is pissing you off, you’re over worked, underpaid and nobody gives a shit. You cant complain to anyone because they will call you selfish. Its like being a triangle when your surrounded by cubicles.

So this is life.. You’re not the “normal”. A majority of the people won’t understand you. It’s going to get harder before it gets easier and if you choose to not follow the “path” its going to get even harder. But hold this with you, it’s better to feel pain then nothing at all. We wont appreciate the gift of success if it was just given to us. There are two many other people blockin our way who only half-ass want it. You have to give it every ounce you have and you will, if you it want it bad enough.

So keep your head up through the case of the Mondays and always pick yourself up through the falls because you’re almost there. And wouldn’t you rather be almost there then starting over again?

When you find something worth fighting for never compromise. It could be anything, Youth, Love, Family, Life etc.. Find something in your life that you are willing to get a black eye over. (You might get a bruise but those go away eventually and make you look tough.. Haven’t you seen the movie, Rocky?)

Beat up but worth every penny,