Not Suffering Silently

from Idaho Express

“His first soul mate was a piano. The second shut him down after he proposed. So Andy Frasco went back to the former and wrote a song about the latter…..”

Andy Frasco at Sundance Film Festival

from Spin Magazine

“HATCH Music Groundbreaker Frank Bell and Andy Frasco at the party at the Spur for The Sundance Film Festival..”

Pupil and Teacher

from Urban Tulsa

“What I found was a soulful young white kid adding to the blues and funk of Miller’s already engaging trio. Upon speaking with Frasco afterwards, however, I found out he would be returning with his own band, the UN, for a show at Mercury Lounge this Saturday, March 12…..”

Feelin’ the groove at Freakin’ Frog

from Las Vegas Weekly

“Andy Frasco is hopping on one leg. In one hand a half-empty (half-filled, he might prefer) plastic cup with beer swishing around, threatening to spill. In the other the neck of a microphone stand angled down toward a saxophonist who jumped into the song unannounced….”

Andy Frasco at Rogue

from Breakfast on Tour

“Andy Frasco and his band spent the weekend pouring their hearts out all over Dickson Street in Fayetteville, AR. Three nights, three shows, and a whole lotta soul. I decided to attend the Saturday show at Rogue after catching his warm up session at The Smoke & Barrel Tavern the previous evening, and I’m so glad I did…”

VH1 Saves the Music … What?

from IndienInk

“Andy Frasco had the crowd from the minute he walked in the room. Emcee’g the show for Rock N Soul, Andy showed his appreciation for the folks coming out to support the VH1 Saves The Music Foundation Entertaining the audience with great sense of music and creating a tangible organic experience for all….”

A Piano Man For Generation Y

from Las Vegas City Life

“You don’t find very many 16-year-olds trying to break into the music industry unless they’re musicians (or kids in Las Vegas trying to book bands that wouldn’t otherwise play Las Vegas). Los Angeleno Andy Frasco was an exception, working with bands in all capacities but not really playing music himself. And then he met the ol’ ivories — all 88 of them — and decided to stake his claim on the pop landscape himself…..”

‘Save the Music’ concert’s rallying cry

from South Bend Tribune

“A 21-year-old self-taught pianist, singer and composer, he began managing acts and promoting concerts around Los Angeles when he was still a high school student. Frasco says it was not easy to break into the business.

“At first, nobody took me seriously because I was so young,” he says.

Soon, however, Frasco’s shows began filling the venue where they were held…”

Piano Man Andy Frasco at Moody’s

from Auburn Journal

“In his early 20s but with a voice that belies his mere two decades on this planet, Frasco writes and sings with a sincere maturity and an open-minded approach to the ever-changing pop music scenery. He draws inspiration from such legends as Van Morrison and Billy Joel and has been compared to singer/pianist Ben Folds….”

Andy Frasco Interview

from Feeling the Vibe Blog

“All of this began from one moment, I went to a Damien Rice concert. He’s a singer/songwriter and guitarist. Something just clicked in my mind, I called my parents, packed my bags and told them I was going to become a musician. I was only 18 and decided to start learning the piano. Over the next two years I just practiced and learned as much as I could….”