Another amazing weekend in Manhattan, Ks. People here are just so groovy and down to have a goodtime.

Arriving early on Friday, after Matty drove like a rockstar through the night to make it to our radio interview on KSU’s 91.9 at 10am. After a two hour promo of “Love, you’re just too expensive,” we found a Motel 6 to rest our bones before we played the Loft in Aggieville. It was the bar’s last show before they had to close down. So we laid her to rest with a dance party for the record books.

Saturday night we set up in the front window of Pats Blue Ribbon. The place was packed all night and filled with dance sweat like nobodies business. We didn’t shut it down til they kicked us out. The cops were kind of made but its all good.

Finally after finishing up the festivities the night before at dusk, we did a performance on the street Sunday morning at the Chef for a cd listening breakfast. It was like the party never stopped.

It seems like everytime I come back here I have a great time. Thank you Manhattan, Ks. You never seem to prove me wrong.

Here are some pictures from the weekend as we head to Iowa today to live on the farm and meet up with our organ and guitar buddies, Clayton and Shuazy, for the week of shows.

Have a lovely day!