Hey Everybody!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit, it’s been a pretty crazy past few days as we are ramping up for our 2011 National Tour and boy it couldn’t have started off any better — Sundance 2011 in Park City, Utah (one of the most beautiful cities out there, by the way.) After another 12-hour drive, we played our first show at The Spur on Sunday night for the Access Music & Film Showcase with a much larger turnout than we expected! Monday night, another great turnout for a Sundance Institute private party in which the band and I mingled with a good number of Sundance filmmakers, sharing in our common passion for art and creation. It’s been wonderful to be inspired and collaborate with like-minded artists of every medium. Last night, our final show at The Spur, was absolutely epic. We Sold it out in the first hour the doors opened. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT!

In other news, we’ve been selected as Orion’s Music Festival Artist of the Year! It’s a huge honor as the festival had over 100 acts all deserving of the same award. Thank you Orion!

I’ll be on the road, probably visiting your city or sleeping on your couch, for the next two months and I promise I’ll update this bad-boy more. It’s just been a crazy couple months.

I also have some very exciting news to announce to out fans in Texas in the next couple days, but in the meantime take a look at some pictures from beautiful Park City.

Oh yeah… and check out the ‘Live’ page to see when we’re coming to your city!

Stay Warm. Love you much.