I met Andy the morning after a set, at my usual coffee spot, Butterfly Herb, We’re there now. He, with a pot of mate. I, with a bottomless cup of coffee, heavy cream. If didn’t know any better, the subdued energy would flow into the hum of the mundane. It’s really just a momentary eddy in river full of rapids and waterfalls we call Missoula, Montana.

When he gets on one stage he sees every player and can here them before they play, composing and teaching parts on the spot with a fervor and grace unseen in ages. He reminds us that our generation isn’t so distant from our ancestors’, and that to dance is to celebrate and commune with our most natural and ancient of traditions.

He is playing at the Top Hat tonight in Missoula, Tomorrow in Bozeman at the 317 Pub and Monday at the Depot in Salt Lake City with the legend himself, Leon Russell. If you are in area please stop by.

So enjoy the swing, the blues, the rags, and the soul of our time, because we write our history as we speak.

Sincerely Yours,

Javier from Missoula