Dear Friends,

After 15 years of listening, I finally figured out what one of the urban philosophers, Notorious B I G was writing about in, “Mo Money Mo Problems” (don’t worry I’ll still always have 2pac as one of my Dalai Lamas). It seems like we are programmed to always be worrying about this green piece of paper. For happiness, security, support & to survive etc.. I admit before I became a gypsy playing music anywhere I can, I tried to follow the money trail myself (I’m sorry, I have it my genes), but what I realized was that even if you make that money your still as unhappy as you were without it when it’s earned from something you never wanted to do in the first place.

So is that’s what we’ve become?

We were given a gift of being free minded creative creatures but still choose to do things we don’t want to do for 75% of our life just to enjoy the last 25% even though, we know, we don’t get much time on this earth in the first place (excuse my french but what the fuck?). Whats wrong with this equation? Wouldn’t it be nice to flip those numbers around? We need to take fear out of our dictionary (especially from words with friends) and start believing in ourselves. If you cant believe in you then how are you going to believe in someone else? We need to start standing up for things we feel strongly for and not worry what others feel about it. Be passionate about life.

I don’t know how you feel but I think it’s only going to get worse for us and the generations waiting to bat if we don’t do something about this today.. Instead of teaching how to take, let’s teach how to give. Let’s teach each other that following your heart and gut is a good thing (even if your gut doesn’t want you to work in a cubicle, be a doctor or CPA).

Don’t chase the money, chase the dream and the money will eventually chase you. Wouldn’t it be nice, when the history books looks back at our generation and show that we at-least tried to help give this world a taste of happiness through a supportive dream shared community. Maybe that’ll be our gift to our kid’s kids.. And hell! It’ll only cost us a couple smiles a day (that’s way cheaper then a new game console).

Stay happy and fearless,