Week three of the tour has been a whirlwind of nonstop late-night shows combined with fresh talent from a few local musicians we’ve picked up along the way.

We rolled into Daniel Arthurs late Tuesday night for a melow set in the bar of an infamous haunted mortuary in Cedar Rapids. Then after a quick re-packing of the van, the four of us headed to the 89.7 Village Radio’s local talent segment in Iowa City for an hour long interview which discussed everything from the new album to favorite “guilty pleasure records” and the vinyl collection the band has scored on the road.

Wednesday morning brought another interview published in the campus newspaper promoting the show that night at the Iowa City Yacht Club. As usual, Iowa showed up for what turned out to be a great show full of funk.

Next up, Davenport. The Red Stone Room was close enough to the mighty Mississippi for us to walk down and enjoy the water before opening up for Daphne Willis. Daphne has a solid local following so the room got packed out before we had to call it a night.

By Friday the boys deserved some much needed R ‘n R so we made the drive out to Josh’s organic farm for home-made “Chang” egg rolls and veggie shuazy chilli. Just enough time for a quick nap before loading back up for the gig at Cocktails, a Cedar Rapids classic.

Never a crew to turn down a good party, Friday night turned into Saturday morning much earlier than expected. I do say, out here the midwesterners sure do love to party.

Still early in our never-ending weekend, setting up gear at the Busted Lift Saturday evening for our show that night- in rolled a zombie pub-crawl! Serious crowd of crazy looking zombies chasing after Romero… Creepy.

Sunday night at Mahoneys opened up with Josh and his band before the U.N. with guest stars Clayton and Crippen put the finishing touches on our love affair with Iowa.

After heading to Dyersville to see the Field of Dreams Movie Set, we are on our way to Menomonie, Wisconsin to play at the Waterfront tonight and do it all over again…

Here’s some pictures from the week.

Peace and love,

Andy and the Gang