Dear Friends,

I’m tired and beat up. My body hurts from all the Jaegermeister, PBR and 4 Hour sleep cycles. My Afro is starting to look like a Sheep’s ass, and it smells like a bong that was left in a sweaty high school locker room all summer. Also, I think Ernie and I got an infection in my eye from sleeping on another dirty couch last night (I hope it’s not pink eye).

I kind of feel like and probably look like Rocky (only with a JewFro) when he first fought Mr. T. Beat up but still smiling and it got me thinking..

Whatever you’re fighting for.. It might be Love, Security, Happiness, Freedom or (in my case) that next great performance.. Don’t ever stop. Yes, there will be road bumps on your journey and Yes, you will fall on your ass (way) more then once and Yes, you might have to do it alone or you may see your peers reach the finish line before you but never give up. Fight til you can’t fight anymore. Give it all you can and eventually you will reach the finish line as well.

It’s not how fast we get there just as long as we get there. Don’t let anything stop you from that. Appreciate the moment so we can all stay in the moment and live free.

Stay Thirsty for Life and it will never get dull (trust me.. I mean have you smelled my Fro?)