Hello World!

Our 2011 National Tour is going great. We’ve been groovin’ it up in Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Oklahoma these last few weeks. Idaho was amazing. We gigged in Idaho Falls, Boise and Moscow. Each of them was incredible in their own unique way. Much love to the people out there supporting our music. We appreciate it.

Montana was also a blast. Not only was it snowing like we’ve never seen before but we’ve never even toured in Montana. We felt as nervous as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest going up there, but to our pleasant surprise a great bunch of Montana locals came out and party’d down with us. Thank you Montana!

After that it was a 12 hour drive to Vail, Avon and Denver Colorado. That Friday was my birthday so it was great to spend it with my pals in Colorado. We also performed on Vail TV on that Saturday for a show called ‘Off The Hill’. Very cool stuff and very very cool people.

Last but certainly not least (for this blog not the tour of course J), Stillwater Oklahoma was amazing. There was nothing still about it. And come to think of it, as far as Matt, Ernie, Jon, Shua
and I are concerned – there was no water involved either! (Whiskey only please) – we kinda hit a ditch in the road cause our Topeka show got cancelled but the owners at the venue told us we could play three nights in a row afterwards. So, to sum up what happened next, our genius Asian saxophone player mapped out this equation for all our fans.

Cancelled show + Revival offer of 3 nights to rock + Awesome people = 3 night dance party and a whole mess of blues.

Thanks Ernie! And most of all – thank you music loving world! We appreciate every kind soul that steps onto our dance floors when we are doing our thing. Much love!

– Frasco