Dear Friends,

Lets not be afraid to be different and appreciate being the “outsider”.

Ever since we were little bambinos we’ve been trained to not stray to far from the line, be good like our brothers and sisters, go to school, pick a degree that makes money, get a job that makes money, find a mate, recreate, then pass away. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty robotically depressing to me..

What’s the point of having free will and an open mind if we’re trained to do what the person in front of us is doing? Why do we become outsiders if god for bid, someone wanted to make art instead of becoming a Doctor or CPA? Aren’t they both doing the same thing to the person receiving the guidance?

I grew up in LA where we are trained to basically keep up with Jones’s. Whatever the flavor of the week was (even if it was wearing your jeans backwards) you must do it at that moment or you were an outcast. The same went with the entertainment world. So naturally through the brainwash, when I first started playing music I was trying to sound like the one hit wonders of the radio (I should of took the name literally) but the time I finished writing songs that sound like that, the industry tells you; “No, No, No that was so two weeks ago..now try sounding like this and do you mind straightening hair? The afro is just too retro). It felt like trying to catch a rabbit’s tale that’s a arm distance away and not realizing your on a treadmill.

After a couple years of chasing, I finally said screw it.. I’m going to buy a van, find my sound, listeners (and dance moves).Even it takes years for people to understand my passion and love for my craft, it’d be better then being successful today for something I never loved in the first place. Because now I know, at the end of the day I only have myself to deal with. Let’s start looking in the mirror and feeling good about what we bring to the world because it’s what YOU want to bring not what someone else wants you to bring.

So be different. Go crazy, take risks and dance to your own drum (even if its not what the fucking Jones’s dig). If there’s something I’ve learned from my journey so far, it’s that if we can come to terms that we don’t need to be what everybody else wants us to be and just be who WE want to be, then I feel we can finally be free. Free from fear, free from insecurity, free to laugh, free to be who we choose to be.

So be different (I promise we won’t judge you)

Sincerely inspired,