Dear Friends,

As I look through the window of another airplane 35,000 feet in the air, playing tag with my dreams coming from the other side of the world.. I realize, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I’ve spent my whole life abandoning people, starting with myself. In the past, plenty of people (mostly women) have tried to change me to be someone I am not, even if it’s only for a night (and let’s face it, being in different towns for only 3 days a year and hating to talk on the phone doesn’t help my case either). It’s hard for me to truly love someone because I’m scared I’ll have to change who I am inside and it’s that fear that keeps me alone. What I’m slowly realizing is that love shouldn’t be about owning someone or changing something, it’s should be about asking for permission to be yourself. And that’s the true core of sharing happiness; letting each other be themselves.

Our lives are just so absurd. Let’s just say for argument sake, that there is no God, or no morality.. Just a society that invents fear and rules that keeps us from true happiness. And every minute of everyday, we have this fire inside us waiting to brighten up our soul but instead we decide not to do anything about it because of these little rules society has given us. We need to realize that It’s our choice to decide what to do with our lives and not theirs. Life is short and only getting shorter. Wouldn’t you feel foolish if by at the end of your story that you didn’t do something you really wanted to do just because a book or person told you it was “not okay” to do that?

If we were given this amazing gift of free will then why shouldn’t we do whatever we can to use it? Why do we have to get so jealous or bitter when we see others succeed in life? Just because they took the risk and followed there gut shouldn’t make one jealous, it should light a fire under our ass and think, “Hey, I can do it too!”.

Let’s be honest, we really don’t know if there will be an after life, a heaven, or even reincarnation. Just the hope we give ourselves everyday that when it’s our turn to leave this earth we will be taken care of. But just in case nothing happens after we take our final bows, why not do what we have to do today to make ourselves happy for the remainder of this very short ride on earth? I don’t know about you but I’d rather be rich in experience now then hoping that when I die, Frank Sinatra will be waiting for me at the pearly gates with the rat pack ready to back me up at Heavens “Copacabana” 7 nights a week.. Instead I found my rat pack today.

So do whatever you got to do to be yourself today and not tomorrow. Fall in love with anything, it can be a person, your family, a job, or especially yourself.. Just fall for something. Treat yourself by being yourself.. And fuck anybody else who can’t accept that.

Stay happy, stay inspired, be you and hold on, things will get better if you let it.


Share this with anybody who might need some love today. — traveling to Hong Kong from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).