20110817-104124.jpgDear Friends,

As I’m flying back home from Louisiana with my sax player, Ernie, listening to Lovin Arms by The Wood Brothers; I decided to write about Friendship.

It’s been quite an unusual week to say the least. Right when you’re on top of the world, life throws you right back on the ground to make you feel like a little child again. What for? Is it trying to teach us a lesson every time we fall? (I’ve been really working on my Karma but I guess that’s not the issue for this crashing descent).

I have always tried to plan/control everything in my life from what I eat, dress, where I play, when I’m going to have kids, die etc… What It boils down to is that Life doesn’t give a shit about your plan.

For example, One of my best friends is kicking ass. His band is about to sign a major record deal, he moved into his dream house with his lady and all in all smiling about life. Then during a sound check in Carbondale, he receives a phone call that his girlfriend was in an accident and died on her way to see him at the show. And just like that, the friend that was on top of the world, the one I always looked for when I needed a smile, is heart broken and it kills me to see him like that.

What I’m trying to get at is, surround yourself with people that care about and inspire you. Give them a hug every now and then. Let them know how much you appreciate them always being there for you because in a blink of an eye they could be gone and there will be nothing you can do. Instead of worrying about death lets celebrate life. It’s time to stop chasing paper and start appreciating the little things that are given to us like Friendship. (If it’s anything we should learn from this recession, let’s just look at what happened to the people who gave up their dreams and friendships to chase a nonexistent 401 K). It is time to start working to live, not living to work.

I may not be the wealthiest or smartest man in the world, but I’ve shared adventures and laughs with amazing people I truly and honestly love. No Money, Degree or the Justin Beiber’s of the world can take that place. For that I’m appreciative and I thank my friends and family for it (as I hug Ernie on the plane).

Stay Appreciative Pals,