As I sit here on the top of a volcanic mountain watching the amazing view of once was Atlantis.. I had a thought.

Ive seen a lot this year. So much actually that sometimes I can’t keep track with where I’m at or what I did. My whole life, I’ve always been such a paranoid about being in control, that I never really took a day off from my mind. As this thought clouds me like a bad storm, I realize, It truly amazes me how strong we really are when we take our conscious out of the equation.

If you are confused about what you want to do with your life, understand that most, if not all, of us are also still figuring things out. Even the people you look up to are just as nervous as you are.

We’ve become so numb with what the past has thrown our way that we get more and more scared to take risks as we get older. People may say, “What about your things?” “How are you going to make money?” or “What are your parents and love ones going to say?”, the list goes on and on.. But look at all the hidden treasure chests we are missing out on over all these little artifacts from the past. All these things weigh us down so much that we forget about all the soul fulfilling journeys we’ve always wanted to do, just to show our neighbors how much we have in our backpack or lawn.

We should be a lot stronger than that. Sri Teja once wrote, “Succeeding gets a lot easier when you realize that everyone who has ever succeeded has doubted that things will work, has failed terribly, and has generally been where the rest of us are: worrying and certain that they aren’t good enough.”

If the seasons change and our bones change.. then why can’t our soul change too? We are so comfortable with being stuck in the past that we don’t take the time to see if we’ve changed too. So if you can, step back from your everyday life of pleasing everyone else and ask yourself, “Have I changed? What would make me happy today.. not yesterday, or tomorrow.. today.

So whatever baggage or dirty laundry you had from the past that is keeping you from seeing the future you want to live.. Clean it up, let it go and move on. Hell, I have flaws.. we all do. But Id rather have hope for tomorrow that I can change into the man I want to be then hoping to change the man I was. If we only live once.. then why not? Be you and do what you got to do to be happy today.. even if you’re scared its not what others want.

The biggest treat you can give to yourself is to find yourself. Everybody deserves to be selfish for at least a little bit.. Don’t you think?

Stay Wild, Stay Inspired, Take Risks and Remember this is your life, not theirs.

Have a great day friends,

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