Hello Friends,

Here I am. Scared as hell on a plane heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Due to overmedication to calm my nerves from “Planeaphobia”, now I am freaking out. My Woody Allen mind does not help either, as he takes the wheel trying to scare me stupid. It’s just frightening to be 35,000 miles up in the air with 2 men that are probably overworked and underpaid (I guess we will blame the recession) controlling my lifeboat.These reactions I get from this “Planeaphobia” makes me really miss my Van, Goldielox, more and more. If gas wasn’t so expensive then I wouldn’t have these problems. Everybody knows that a band needs to be in a van, on the road, feeling the open air and not on top of the open air! I DO NOT want to be the next John Denver! Expect a letter from me Mr. BP VERY SOON.

Now that Woody has said his 2 cents, let’s get back to why I’m on this plane. Spin Magazine has asked me to be a commentator for a festival on the beaches of Gulf Shores called Hang Out Fest where musical acts such as Paul Simon, Black Keys, Widespread Panic, Flaming Lips and many others will be performing. We will be posting my daily experiences and interviews with the acts live from the festival all weekend long on Spin.com and the Hang Out Fest website. Check it out If your by your computers or space phones this weekend. It’s supposed to be an amazing experience (a music festival on the beach with only 15,000 people attending.. They sold this Afro).

Due to more turbulence, back to the Planeaphobia. Thanks for all your support through these crazy couple months.. I will be posting our summer tour dates hopefully this week. We have a lot of fun stuff coming up through out the country. I hope I can see you down the road at a future dance party.

Peace, Love and Anxiety