Dear Friends,

Its official, after 5 years I’m a semi professional nomad.

I was in one of my favorite places in the world 2 weekends ago with my best friends playing music, sharing laughs, comparing road stories with the Ben Miller Band/Mountain Sprout, and freaking out with my fans for my 5th Year Anniversary of being on the road. And with time to think in the van while heading to our next gig, I look back at the memories of the year. Even through all the wonderful things that have happened in my career the last 365 days, like opening for the amazing Joe Walsh, getting recognize in Europe or even gigging at the Sundance Film Festival while free styling with Gary Clark Jr and DeerTick, I would still have to say that it was this moment, (telling stories and) sharing my anniversary with my band, the Ben Miller Boys and friends in Fayetteville, AR that took the cake and made me realize I finally made it through the hump. Im 1,000+ miles away from where I grew up but With the love and support of my friends and fans, home doesn’t feel so far away anymore. My dreams are unfolding right in front of my eyes and it’s everything I’ve ever imagined… (besides Doug Dicharry’s body odor after a couple hour gig)

Entertaining and seeing people genuinely happy with what we share is what makes my soul happy. (As I think of the time when Ernie Fell off the top of the Bass Drum in Manhattan, KS and face plants into a ton of broken shot glasses… Bleeding asian blood everywhere he still finishes his solo). That is what wakes me up in the morning.

“Because its a long way to wisdom but a short one to being ignored.” – The Lumineers

In 5 years, I’ve traveled about 250,000 miles, played 1,200 plus shows at (feels like) every dive bar in America, lost half my hearing from basement shows, slept on 600 plus couches of people (and Walmart Parking lots) who we’ve just met the night of the show, and ate and hung out at a godly amount of Fast Food and Gas Stations just to entertain a new group of people everyday.. My Body hates me and I see diabetes in my future, but my heart is happy. (Hell.. You can’t have it all so i guess choose your battles)

I’m slowly realizing who I am and what makes me comfortable. I know my purpose now.. I’m here to help people live in the moment. Worries are like weights on our chest keeping us pinned to the floor. If we can get rid of these heavy feelings, and accept that the past is the past and the future is right now, we can learn to breathe better in today’s air and not tomorrow or yesterday’s. The kind of breathe that makes you feel alive, makes you wake up and get out now not later. There are so many different things to see, feel, taste and do before we move on.. Might as well start now.. What do you have to lose?

Stay inspired, start writing your story and thanks for all the fun these last 5 years.. This much fun should be illegal.