A NEW ARTICLE FROM The Daily Iowan 10.20.10

Musician Andy Frasco sings from the soul


If there’s one thing you find when you hear Andy Frasco’s music, it’s soul.

“I love old soul music. I think I got two people in my mind talking. A paranoid Woody Allen, and the other guy is [cool]. That’s who shows up on stage. [My soul] just comes out, like vomit,” Frasco said.

Frasco’s new CD, Love, You’re Just Too Expensive is a window to that soul he cares so much for. He has dedicated this latest tour to the release of the CD, which lands him in Iowa City today at the Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St. The show will begin at 9 p.m.; admission is $5.

Nine months of the year, Frasco and his band tour, playing 250 shows across the nation. He said living on the road helped him learn about himself and those around him.

During their travels, he and his band have met many people who open their homes to them. He says he’s slept on 600 different couches.

In his new release, he finds much inspiration from his roadrunner lifestyle. It’s a bitter album about lost love and struggling relationships because of time spent apart.

In the song “Lie to Me,” Frasco sings about losing trust in people he cares about. He’s found trust is difficult to keep when faced with so much distance.

“What the road does to you, you lose relationships. In life or in anything,” he said.

The music in the album reflects the emotions over his years touring. Like so many blues musicians, it’s an outlet to relieve the feelings of hurt. But the songs aren’t sad. It’s apparent that he’s having a good time saying what’s on his mind. Through the blues, he takes the pain, sings about it, and forgets it happened.

Frasco tries to have that effect on his audience during live shows as well as on the record.

“It’s a party. People are up on their feet dancing,” he said.

Love, You’re Just Too Expensive is an album from the heart. Frasco’s raspy vocals and blues melodies give listeners a chance to hear something new. Not everyone can relate to the lifestyle, but everyone can relate to the trouble in relationships. Frasco gets that. His album, full of soul, is powerful and profound.